Full bellied living

It’s a state of mind, body, and spirit. Our full bellied living means generosity. Everyone is welcome in Indigo, where we strive every day to celebrate diversity and create an organic, healthy, hand-crafted community. That means an abundance of events, green spaces, home choices, and crops on our farm. We hope that ethos brings even more good things into your life—whether you’re into food, getting people together, getting outside, breaking your own record at the gym, or all of the above.

Live it up.

Scenic and convenient usually don’t go together. In Indigo, though, you don’t have to choose one over the other—it’s easy to get from your neighborhood to shops and play spaces. (If you’re a shop owner at Indigo Commons and live upstairs, you’ll have a gloriously short commute.) Even more helpful programs are on the horizon. With all the time you’ve saved, you can give more QT to the people who matter most in your life.  


Feed your soul.

We grow farm-fresh organic produce right here in the center of Indigo. CSA program? We’re working on it. We’ll also host events serving diverse, delicious foods from local businesses. 


Feel your best.

An incredible portion of our community is made up of open space. That takes the form of trails and paths lined with natural vegetation, mews (playful, artsy green spaces), and urban farmland—lots of ways to get outdoors and feed your emotional and physical health.


Pay it forward.

We’ll be partnering with local charities to give back to the Fort Bend area and beyond. These philanthropic opportunities will be open to you, our residents, and local businesses. There’s no better way to get rooted where you live. 


Your neighborhood general store

Inspired by classic gas stations of the 1930s, this general store will be your new fave spot to meet up and stay a while. Grab some grub, a map, and go explore the diverse collection of homes in Indigo.