Outdoors, sweet outdoors

Our welcoming outdoor spaces are here to make you feel refreshed and right at home. With more than 60% of our land dedicated to green, open-air features, we made them diverse—so you can enjoy mews (lively paseos where you can play and hang out), lakes, and trails. Easily stroll or roll on over.


Finally, mews you can use. Unique to Indigo, our network of mews are people-first, car-free green spaces where kids can play and friends and family can gather. (Fun fact, it’s “mews” whether it’s singular or plural.) There will be a central plaza at Indigo Commons—home to shows, events, and places to eat, play, and rock out. 



Rent and launch kayaks, hike the trails, then have a picnic. Our lake area stretches 40 acres, 25 of which are devoted to postcard-perfect water. 



Our trails system weaves throughout Indigo, intentionally linking our neighborhoods, mews, and Indigo Commons. Jog, walk, or take two wheels to visit friends or just enjoy some at-one-with-nature time.