Indigo Foundation

Community is a precious resource, and one that doesn’t just happen. While it might begin with the place itself, genuine community is forged by people who choose to reside and establish roots in Indigo. With the support of the non-profit Indigo Foundation, this sense of community is nurtured and cultivated over time.

The mission of the Indigo Foundation is to be a catalyst and foster community through the creation and support of programs, activities, and services that appeal to the diverse interests of those who have chosen Indigo as their own.

We’re serious about community and have established the Indigo Foundation and its funding source, in perpetuity, through a modest Community Enhancement Fee contributed to by builders, future residential re-sales, and our commercial tenants in Indigo Commons.

The Indigo Foundation will be managed by its Board of Directors, focused on inclusive governance, open communication, adaptability, and the development of overall community resilience— all while managing our community resources with a culture of stewardship and respect. True community flourishes in neighborly connections, and Indigo was purposefully crafted as a human-centric community to assure that this sense of care can thrive for generations.


We're just getting started.

Keep an eye on this space for future opportunities to volunteer, contribute, and collaborate with the Indigo Foundation.