We are happy to announce the start of construction for The Filling Station at Indigo. The first building set to open at Indigo Commons—the mixed-use town center located at the heart of our 235-acre Indigo neighborhood—The Filling Station will serve as a general store, welcome center and first stop for visitors to the neighborhood. The approximately 3,000-square-foot space is anticipated to open in late 2024.  


“The start of construction at The Filling Station signifies a major milestone in Indigo’s narrative,” said Clayton Garrett, partner at Meristem Communities. “The neighborhood we originally envisioned is taking shape and the small businesses we’re looking come to Indigo Commons will play a pivotal role in the development of Indigo’s identity, creating new energy and engagement. There is much more to come too, as Indigo is expected to be a home for a well-curated selection of retailers.”

Borrowing inspiration from classic gas stations of the 1930s, The Filling Station will be a vibrant social hub in Indigo Commons, redefining the art of gathering. Thoughtfully designed by DAHLIN Architecture | Planning | Interiors, the building is a reflection of Indigo’s essence—an embodiment of “full bellied living.” More than just a place to grab a meal or a drink, The Filling Station is situated at our core and has an experiential design that will be easily accessible for everyone.


“As the first building to rise at Indigo Commons, we’re taking extra care for the design and purpose of The Filling Station,” said Scott Snodgrass, partner at Meristem Communities. “We know from consumer data that one of the top-ranked built amenities consumers desire in a new community is a coffee shop or casual eatery within walking distance of their homes1. It’s important to us that we consistently create places that deliver on peoples’ preferences. The Filling Station will not only have robust food and retail offerings at the general store, but function as the unofficial ‘meet-up’ spot in the neighborhood.”

The Filling Station’s general store will source and sell a wide selection of high-quality products celebrating local flavors. It will also serve as a neighborhood market, offering fresh produce from Indigo Farm and a wide variety of sundries and local goods—everything from dairy and eggs, bread and grains, spices and herbs, and sweets and treats to a deli and butcher’s case, grab-and-go meals, bottled beverages (including local craft beer and wine) and more. A coffee shop and wine bar with small bite offerings is also anticipated.


The Filling Station will be part of the community's town center—Indigo Commons

The Filling Station will also serve as a welcome center and the first stop at Indigo, encouraging future residents and visitors to gather information and learn all about the neighborhood, attend events, and feel more connected with life at Indigo. The shared space with the general store will include a large community table with a map of the community inlaid plus seating, printed materials and community maps to take on-the-go, as well as large digital screens with information about the neighborhood’s amenities, lifestyle, upcoming events and overarching vision.

While construction is underway at The Filling Station at Indigo Commons, The Collective at Indigo Commons, a temporary gathering and event space, is expected to host a series of community and home shopper events and gatherings starting June 2024. Indigo Farm, which is currently growing and harvesting crops, will also be part of the event programming. This aligns with the anticipated start of sales for phase one homes at Indigo in June 2024, which will directly be followed by a series of model home grand openings.

1 Source: America at Home Study