The Urban Land Institute (ULI Houston) announced Indigo is one of three finalists for the inaugural Development of Distinction Moonshot Award. Inspired by the extraordinary innovation needed to achieve the seemingly impossible Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon, this award shines a light on upcoming developments driven by ambitious and groundbreaking ideas.

“We are humbled to be nominated alongside fellow finalists Buffalo Bayou East and The Plant in Second Ward for the Moonshot Award. In any industry, the pressure to achieve the next big breakthrough is a daunting task. In community development, envisioning how future societies will live can often feel like masterminding a high-tech work of science fiction. Our approach for Indigo lies in revisiting the wisdom of yesteryears but tailors meticulously to the rhythms of today’s code and demands.”—Clayton Garrett, co-founder of Meristem Communities, Developer of Indigo


While the ULI Houston Awards Nominations Panel selected the winner, there is a second competition going on behind the scenes—the People’s Choice Winner aka the popularity contest. This year, friends, families, colleagues, frenemies, even strangers on the street can vote for Indigo as the People’s Choice winner.

“We’d be much obliged if YOU would review the candidates for the inaugural Moonshot Award and consider giving us your people’s choice vote!”—Scott Snodgrass, co-founder of Meristem Communities 

Vote here for the People's Choice Award!

Propelled by the “Places for People” philosophy, Indigo emphasizes spaces that celebrate the interconnectedness of the human experience. Bringing urban living to the suburbs, Indigo will be consciously configured to maximize pedestrian safety, with multiple car-free zones planned throughout the neighborhood and special attention given to the neighborhood’s walkability. Indigo will beautify spaces in a way that brings people together, reigniting a sense of camaraderie that doesn’t just make Houston a place to live, but a place to belong. Can’t wait to show you live and in person early 2024.


Finalists were selected by Houston real estate leaders on The ULI Houston Development of Distinction Awards Committee. The ULI Houston Award Nominations Panel selected the winner, which will be announced on February 6th, 2024.